Top 5 movies to watch if you’re a writer

Movies give us an escape from reality, they inspire us and give us a reason to do better in life. Movies move us, be it action, comedy, horror, dramatic, romantic, or anything in between.

If you are a writer or even aspiring to be one, here is a list of 5 movies with appealing and clever writing.

  1. Inception

A classic Christopher Nolan' style movie that leads to endless thoughts and bewilderment of the mind, the complexity of this movie and the storyline written leave us dumbfounded. As the name suggests this movie is based on fiction and hugely appeals to thrilling minds. This movie is a 100% must-watch for all the writers out there based on the complicated plots throughout this movie. As a writer myself, I can strongly agree that this movie is one of the best movies ever written in the history of cinema. At first, the movie may be difficult to understand but once you’ve understood the superbly crafted plot of this film, it makes you wonder how one can write something so complex and then go a step ahead to even direct and portray the same thing. Every sequence of the movie must be followed to understand it, but remember after watching the movie that some people claim Inception is possible, I guess we’ll never know.




  1. Shutter Island

This masterpiece was directed by one of the greatest directors in Hollywood, Martin Scorsese, Shutter Island is an exciting thriller, action, and mystery film which is set in 1954. The plot of the movie is about two US marshals, who are sent to an asylum for the criminally insane on a remote island to investigate the disappearance of a patient. As chilling as it sounds this raw and intense movie is packed with one of the biggest plot twists ever written. Martin Scorsese directed this movie based on a novel written by Dennis Lehane. A small piece of advice while watching the movie is to be ready for the biggest mind baffling scene, which takes place in the “Lighthouse”. Not to give away too much but Shutter Island is so well written that even though the movie is confusing, you will want to read the novel as well.

This movie is so well directed by Scorsese, that the suspense in the movie is carried on till the very end.  


  1. Fight Club

Fight Club, a movie that triggers our minds and thoughts into what’s going to happen next. Fight club is an action-packed thriller movie directed by David Flincher and released in 1999.

Fight club was named as one of the most controversial films in 1999 because of the raw fighting scenes and the main twist in the end. As intense as the movie can be, the writing of this movie is truly remarkable with various plot twists and scenes where we don’t even know what is going on. Fight club is such a thought-provoking film, where one can wonder “How can someone even write this and go on to explain it?”

When I first saw the movie, it easily exceeded every single expectation I had of it. If you are a writer, Fight Club must be on you’re top 3 movies to watch because of how good the writing captivates us. The narrator’s dialogues are so remarkably written where every word must be understood by us in order to understand the movie.


  1. The Shawshank Redemption

If you like movies with happy and satisfying endings along with flawless writing then the Shawshank redemption is the right movie for you. The film is about a successful banker, who is arrested for the murders of his wife and her lover and is sentenced to life imprisonment at the Shawshank prison. He becomes the most unconventional prisoner. Everything in this film is what makes it so iconic, from the cinematography to the script, everything is so immaculate. The suspense contained in this film while watching it makes me wonder the beauty of how a twist ending that’s so vast and unexpected be portrayed so exceptionally. The ending of Shawshank is so unexpected and emotional, and let’s not forget the amazing dialogues narrated by Morgan Freeman.


  1. Se7en (Seven)

A serious film based on the 7 deadly sins from the Bible, where a serial killer begins murdering people according to the seven deadly sins. Two detectives, one new to the city and the other about to retire are tasked with apprehending the criminal. This crime film is definitely on the list because of the writing of the film's storyline which is extraordinary, as the plot explains, Seven is a film with gruesome murders, but the writing of the film's plot twists is so strong, which made the ending sad and unbelievable. If you’re a writer, I highly suggest you watch this film for the structure of the script and the surprises the movie has in store for you.


Written by- Jonathan Williams

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