Author Interview- Chitvan Garg


Can you tell us a little about your book?

The book ‘An Indirect Proposal ‘is about the love story of two boys who not only share with us the different aspects of coming out stories, whereas they together or sometimes maybe individually make us learn about how to deal with the pain and the happiness.


What was your impression of your first draft when you read it?

The impression of my first draft was honestly far more different and disgusting from what I have written. I still remember that I wrote my first draft in the third person grammar, and also I chose for the 1980s in my first draft.


Which part of your story connects the most with you? Why?

I guess there is not a specific part of the story that is not connected to me. The difference is just that I am not gay, but I could pen down most of the problems of my own life in the character’s shell.


What makes your book the one to read?

The biggest message that is conveyed from my book is how to deal with the pain and the happiness in life. Basically, what makes my book a one to read is that it not only talks about the problems of HOMO – SEXUALS but also gives us an idea of the difficulties of HOMO – SAPIENS.


What was the best advice you got while writing?

The best advice that I ever got while writing was that – don’t you dare stop writing. This was quoted by my elder cousin sister, when I shared with her about the difficulties that I was facing while writing my first book.


Who's your all-time favorite author? Which book of his/hers made you fall in love with them?

I won’t say that he is my all-time favorite author, but yeah, Charles Duhigg is one author that I consider to write really the best. I loved the way he expressed his feelings into words in his book – The Power of Habit.


What is your evergreen tip to the writers out there?

‘Do whatever makes you happy and continue to write’ is what I would like to say to all the authors out there.


Do you have another plot brewing?

I do not have another plot brewing up yet!

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